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Court ADR Programs

One source for conflict resolution jobs is through court annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution programs. Many states now have mediation or other ADR programs annexed to the courts, to facilitate settlement of lawsuits.

Court ADR Across the US is a new, comprehensive national guide to court-affiliated Alternative Dispute Resolution. The searchable guide features thousands of state-specific resources, and offers visitors a unique, state-by-state view of court ADR systems including local statutes and rules.

The guide is a project of Resolution Systems Inc (RSI), (formerly known as the Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems - CAADRS) which is affiliated with Chicago's Center for Conflict Resolution.

Court ADR Across the US is a comprehensive collection of court ADR resources for state and federal courts throughout the country. Resources are organized into state compilation pages, giving visitors a detailed view of the court ADR system in each state. There are two ways to access resources in the section of by browsing state pages, or by searching the section. Scroll down to browse or search resources.

State pages are divided into five tabs: Summary, Court Rules, Statutes, Resources and Contacts. The Summary tab identifies important elements of the court ADR services available in the state. For example, the Summary tab will indicate whether a state has a mediator certification process or ethical guidelines in place, and what types of ADR processes are available for which types of court cases. The Resources tab includes a wide variety of resources, from evaluations and studies to websites for specific ADR programs.

Visitors can search the entire section by using the search form. Type in keywords to conduct a search, or click on "Additional Options" to search for information about specific ADR processes, case types, court levels, resource types or other topics.

For federal court programs go to: Federal Court-Annexed ADR Programs-At-A-Glance

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