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Welcome to our Facilitation Jobs page. This page contains in depth listings for facilitator/facilitation jobs. A facilitator is a keeper of the process. The facilitator's role is to ensure that a group is fully engaged and working effectively toward a defined outcome. In fulfilling this role, it is critical that the facilitator function as a neutral party.

Training facilitators are used in adult education. You will note that many of the job offerings relate to organizational development or OD. OD consultants work with organization to create and present training to members of the organization.

Conflict resolution facilitators are used in peace and reconciliation processes both during and after the conflict. Their role is to support constructive and democratic dialogue between groups with diverse and usually diametrically opposite positions.

Business facilitators work in business, and other formal organizations and mainly facilitate meetings to make them more productive. Many of the required facilitation skills are the same as the skill set required for mediators, so these are jobs that will provide you with key experience to add to your skillset. You might also want to check our Ombuds and Mediation (links at left) pages.

These jobs come and go rapidly so if you are interested you should check back every day. We are constantly refining our search results to weed out jobs whose primary duty is other than dispute resolution. You might want to bookmark this page and its related pages as the listings are updated daily. We plan to continue to update and expand our resource offerngs. Once you bookmark, you can check back often to see what is new.

PLEASE NOTE: When clicking on job postings most will open directly to the posting.

Occasionally, you will need to scroll through a landing page to find the job title.

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